M2A2 105 mm Howitzer Field Gun

In February 2006 the Australian Government gave first pass approval for the replacement of the ADF’s current 105mm and 155mm artillery pieces with new, more capable, artillery systems that feature improved mobility, protection, range and accuracy. Current systems are all towed, and include the aged 105mm M2A2.

The M2A2 105 millimetre howitzer is a general purpose, towed, light field artillery weapon which consists of a barrel, recoil mechanism and carriage. The barrel consists of a tube assembly, breech ring, and locking ring. The barrel is mounted on a recoil sleigh assembly. The firing mechanism is a continuous pull (self cocking) type activated by pulling a lanyard. The cannon barrel is single-loaded, air-cooled and uses semi-fixed ammunition. The carriage is of the single axle and split trail type. The trails are divided during emplacement and are drawn together and locked during travel. A drawbar is provided for attachment to a prime mover. The carriage consists of an equilibrator, shield, elevating mechanism, cradle, gear, elevating arcs, traversing mechanism, top carriage, wheels, and trails. The recoil mechanism is a constant hydropneumatic type shock absorber system which is installed in the cradle of the carriage. The gun is painted olive drab.

The M2A2 105 millimetre howitzer was the standard artillery weapon used by most field regiments of the Royal Australian Artillery (RAA) during the Vietnam conflict